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Tech Projects

Some of my projects..

MotorLogBook, a digital binder for your vehicle maintenance

BaroAltimeter (deprecated), an iOS App that uses your phone’s barometer as an altimeter, calibrating against the nearest airport’s weather station., a sunrise/sunset tile for your Hubitat/SmartThings ActionTiles dashboard

Hubitat Airbnb Integration, auto-code your smart lock based on the airbnb calendar

iOS VPN AutoConnect, create an iOS mobile profile to auto-connect to a VPN.

Better Caltrain Alerts - automatically learns train schedules and tweets when trains are late or holding. (@bettercaltrain on twitter).

Home automation with X10 & Siri Proxy in … 2011?

Arduino-based elevation display for my SUV.

MyGridSquare, a mobile-friendly web page for grid square & county lookup, including bearing and distance to the next grid square. The county lookup API is also available on github.

Rheem / Hubitat Integration I maintain this Hubitat package to automate Rheem water heaters and thermostats.

A LED Matrix that welcomes my Airbnb guests and gives the notifications of automations:

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